Buzzy Tantra - The Mission

To bring love, connection and spirituality irrespective of 'labels' such as race, gender, sexual orientation or physical appearance. To create places where men can connect with men to explore touch, massage, meditation, energy, tantra & sensuality. Where men can express themselves free from judgements, being who they truly want to be.



Why "Buzzy"? - It has been said of me that I buzz with energy!  I am blessed to have been given an 'affinity' to universal energy and I now use this in my treatments and also allow it to guide me in finding ways to show others how they can also connect with this energy of the universe.

When working with others, both one to one and also in group settings, my style is very much based around my belief that there is no single explanation of anything. That if someone does not understand something, it is not that they are a "bad pupil" it is just that the "teacher" needs to find another way to explain things.

Sometimes we do things because we feel we should, for our better good. A bit like taking medicine, it may be an effort to do but we know it will be beneficial for us. Sometimes however, we do things because we want to, we feel they will be fun and somehow we also know doing them will lead us somewhere exciting . I have been told that I am good at helping people get into the latter state - doing things, even challenging things, because somehow you find yourself wanting to!



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