The following information relates to all items booked via the Buzzy Tantra website.
The term "booking" is used here to cover all paid, donation based and free items offered by Buzzy Tantra such as, but not limited to, courses, workshops, meetings, massage and tantra sessions, tantric escorting etc


Booking Info - For some bookings Buzzy Tantra will send you an information email which you should read and raise any questions about before attending.

Arrival Time - Please do arrive on time. You may not be admitted if you arrive late. For everything other than one to one sessions you are advised to arrive early (timing will be given on the info email and often also in information on the web site.)

Attendance - By booking for group events (workshopsm, courses etc) you commit to attend for the entire session. If you really do feel you have to leave you agree to talk to the event facilitator before going.

Safety - You are responsible for your own safety and well-being.

Conduct - Treat everyone with the same respect you expect from them.

Property - Take home everything you brought with you, or be in touch as soon as possible if you left something behind.

Refunds / Cancellations - Refunds can sometimes be offered if sufficient notice is given. Contact us as soon as you can if you need to cancel or change a booking.

Exclusion - Buzzy Tantra reserves the right to exclude anyone from attending anything they have booked.

Privacy - When you register you are added to the Buzzy Tantra mailing list to receive the monthly newsletter and other items that we feel may be of interest to you. Buzzy Tantra does not share your personal data with anyone else. Buzzy Tantra respects the privacy and confidentiality of all who attend events and expect all participants to also follow this respect to everyone involved with an event.


Booking Info

Workshops, courses etc Buzzy Tantra will often send an email with information one or two weeks before the event and it is important that you read this before attending. You may wish to add the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to your email system white list / filter to stop the email going into your spam / junk folders. You can also read this information at  As Buzzy Tantra offers events covering a mixture of topics, it is your responsibility to ensure you fully understand the overall content of the event you are booking and what interaction / connection there will be between you and other participants. If you have any questions or uncertainties you should contact Buzzy Tantra before booking as once an event is booked you may not be entitled to a refund if you later decide not to attend (see below.)
One to one sessions -  If you have any questions or uncertainties around what services are ore on offer, you should contact Buzzy Tantra before booking as once you have booked you may not be entitled to a refund if you later change your mind.

Arrival Time

Workshops, events and similar - Buzzy Tantra always aims to start events at the time advertised. It is really important that you arrive on time, so please ensure you are able to do so before booking. If you are late it is likely you will not be able to take part and Buzzy Tantra will not be able to offer you a refund. In some exceptional cases, if you discuss with us beforehand, we may be able to allow you late entry.

One to one sessions  - if you are coming to me, please aim to arrive a few minutes before your start time.  If you arrive very early please send a text as it may be possible to start your session early in some instances.  If you arrive late by 10 minutes or less, I will aim to still give you the full session time if you wish. If you are late by 20 minutes or more it will not be possible to offer you a session. In most cases you will still be expected to pay for your session in full as there are preparation and commitments made by Buzzy Tantra.   If I am coming to you I will always aim to arrive at the specified time but if I will be late due to traffic etc I will aim to contact you via text / phone to let you know.


Workshops, courses etc - By signing up for any event you are committing to attending for the entire session. Buzzy Tantra asks for your commitment to this because (a) we often build on things we have learned previously, so missing one part can mean that later parts may not make sense to you and (b) the aim is often to create a trusting space where people can journey together. If you are absent from part of this journey it can be difficult to feel part of the group, and also for the group to feel connected to you.

One to one sessions - your booking is a contract between you and us and so if you are not available for your booked session you would still be liable to pay. If you need to cancel or re-arrange please do always let us know beforehand.  During a session, either one of us may decide that things are not working out and decide to end ahead of time.  In some cases there may be a part refund on offer but this is always down to the sole discretion of the person providing the service.


You are responsible for your own physical, mental, emotional and sexual well-being and safety during any event. This includes notifying Buzzy Tantra when you register of any health conditions that may impact on others or your safe participation. Likewise, you are responsible for your own safe practice at our events. Any activity you choose to participate in is deemed to take place between consenting adults. Although Buzzy Tantra always aims to create safe and supportive spaces, no direct liability can be accepted by Buzzy Tantra for your well-being and safety. 


Any form of aggressive or inappropriate behaviour towards teachers, venue staff, volunteers or other participants will not be tolerated. Any such behaviour will be addressed and if not rectified immediately will result in you being asked to leave. You may also be turned away from future events.


You are responsible for taking home everything you brought with you to an event. If you leave something behind, please contact Buzzy Tantra as soon as possible. Buzzy Tantra will keep lost property for about one month before donating or recycling it.

Refunds / Cancellations

If you are no longer able to attend an event or session you have booked, please contact Buzzy Tantra by email or phone as soon as you know. Provided you contact us at least 14 days before an event or 36 hours before a private session, Buzzy Tantra will offer you the choice of either taking a full refund, or transferring your booking to an alternative date / time if one is available. In all other cases Buzzy Tantra will generally not be able to offer any refund. We may be able to transfer over some or all of your fee towards another event or session. If Buzzy Tantra has to cancel an event or seson, we will return your booking fee in full. We aim to give you at least one week’s notice for day, weekend and longer events and at least two day's notice for short events, and where we can, we will offer you alternative events.


In general Buzzy Tantra excludes people only if they breach the terms and conditions or they fail to comply with the Buzzy Tantra ethics. However Buzzy Tantra does reserve the right to exclude anyone from attending any event or or one to one session, without stating the reasons for doing so.
Certain events may have specific target audiences which will be made clear on the event description.


All information you give when booking with Buzzy Tantra, is used as part of the process necessary for the booking. You are also automatically subscribed to the Buzzy Tantra mailing list unless you choose not to - you can modify your subscription or select to unsubscribe at any time. All information is held according to UK data protection guidelines but Buzzy Tantra cannot offer any legal warranty that your information is secure. Buzzy Tantra will not let anyone know you attended an event or session with us and expects the same conduct of all attending events.

Further Information


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