During the past years I’ve had hundreds of hours of amazing, sensual and tantric experiences with many of you, and it has been wonderful to adapt and add to the services and workshops over that time, to try to meet what it is you were seeking from me.

However, I am currently at a point where I feel it is beneficial for me to take a step back, to reflect some more and to feel into my future, and so I have put a “pause” on BuzzyTantra.com for now.

For me, I see life as a journey that sometimes is a bit like a motorway – we run fast and know where the road is taking is, but at other times it can become like a journey down a country lane – following the bends, taking it slow and being not quite sure where we will end up.  I am travelling down some of those types of roads – perhaps figuratively; perhaps literally and at present I can’t say what the “next destination” for me and BuzzyTantra will be. Perhaps at some point I will start offering group workshops; perhaps just one to one sessions – perhaps both or maybe something else entirely.

No matter what, I am incredibly grateful for the support, love, encouragement and fun I have had with and from so many of you over the years and consider it a great privilege to have been a part of many people’s journey of discovery and to have had so many of you be a part of mine.

With love, Buzzy


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